Registered Nurse, Iraq

Location: Iraq

Line Manager:  Security Project Manager (SPM)

Duty Statement

The Registered Nurse is responsible for the safe and efficient management of the clinic, for treatment of wounds, injury and illness of the staff, and for triage management and the supervision of medics in case of a mass casualty incident. The Clinic shall adhere to the international and national standards on a daily basis. Diagnosing and correct treatment of the patients is paramount as is the dispensing of pharmaceuticals, provision/stock of drugs, consumables equipment, clinical waste management and any other staff health related issued.

The Registered Nurse will demonstrate critical thinking in the clinical decision-making process. They will work collaboratively with the team medics to meet the needs of patients, supporting the delivery of policy and procedures, and providing nurse leadership as required.

Provide the first line of medical care for Embassy staff, visitors and contractors, management of all other in-country medical care and oversight of transition to out-of-country medical care.


• Provide first line of medical care for staff, visitors and contractors, management of all other in-country medical care and oversight of transition to out-of-country medical care
• In the event of a medical emergency, provide life sustainment for up to 24 hours before transferring to higher level of care
• Maintain the ability to transition to providing time-critical trauma care
• In the event of a mass casualty incident, provide direction of action management of injuries, assist with the management and evacuation of injured to higher levels of care and integrate existing Team Medics into a triage and treatment process
• Provide a health/wellness facility, including nutrition information and offering dietary recommendations and coaching, together with first aid training;
• Provide regular health check-ups and monitor and manage existing injuries, illnesses and conditions
• Maintain external liaison with other medical facilities
• Contribute to the preparation and maintenance of plans and liaison for any emergency event, including evacuation coordination and assistance through contracted channels
• Management of medical records in accordance with legislation and standards, including:
o Incident reporting and recording
o Statistical analysis to track illnesses and educate personnel accordingly
• Management of Clinic equipment, consumables and non¬consumables, including:
o Receipt, audit and stock-take of items procured
o Ongoing medical equipment and pharmaceuticals procurement and supply chain management, including monitoring expiry dates
o Secure storage and accountability of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals in accordance with legislation and standards

Essential Qualifications & Experience

• Registered Nurse (RN, or equivalent qualification) with a minimum of 6 years medical/health care experience, with remote area and trauma training
• Registration with a National Nursing Council and possession of a current practicing certificate
• Relevant courses in Trauma/Medical Management or equivalent
• A strong background in staff and clinic management
• Fluent in spoken and written English
• Must be able to work as part of a small team, as well as able to be relied upon to make independent decisions when called upon to do so
• Demonstrated interpersonal communications skills
• Highly developed IT skills for database management, and preparation of reports and presentations
• Relevant experience in a hostile environment for a minimum of one year
• No criminal record.

Desirable Qualifications & Experience

• Previous experience in Iraq in a similar role
• Ability to communicate in Arabic

Nationality Requirement
Australian UK, NZ, Canada, US

How To Apply:
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