Search & Rescue Medical Doctor

Employer: IRC - International Rescue Committee USA
Deadline:Jul 23, 2017

Languages: English

The SAR Medical Doctor will lead the post-rescue clinical team, comprised of 1 medical doctor, 1 paramedic and 1 nurse. As the clinical lead, the SAR Medical Doctor will be the responsible clinician on board the vessel, and will have responsibility for ensuring the provision of quality clinical care for both those rescued at sea and the vessel crew. The SAR Medical Doctor will be part of a 5 person post-rescue team, and a broader crew, and will report to the IRC Post-rescue team leader. Deployment length will be 10-12 weeks, and the post holder can expect to spend up to 60% of that time at sea.

As the clinical lead, the SAR Medical Doctor will be responsible for ensuring the provision of quality clinical care during rescue and post-rescue operations.

Specific responsibilities will include:

Clinical care
* Ensure all individuals rescued from the sea are appropriately health screened and triaged, and oversee the provision of immediate emergency care.
* Stabilise and arrange medevac referral for patients who are critically unwell.
* In-conjunction with other members of the medical team, ensure the health clinic functions 24 hours per day during post rescue operations providing both primary healthcare and emergency healthcare as needed.
* Ensure the appropriate handing over of patients requiring on-going care to relevant land based medical teams during disembarkation.
* Oversee the provision of quality care within the health clinic, ensuring consultations and treatments are in line with relevant clinical SOPs and international guidelines and best practices.
* Ensure patient confidentiality is respected, and that all consultations are conducted in a dignified and appropriate manner.
* Lead the pre-rescue medical preparation meetings and post-rescue medical debriefs with the clinical team.
* Contribute to the development of clinical SOPs and emergency protocols.
* Ensure the clinical team are familiar and confident using clinical SOPs, emergency protocols and clinic equipment

Health information management and reporting
* Ensure all patient consultations are documented and patient records completed.
* Complete a medical summary report for each rescue, as well as individual reports for patients requiring on-going care on land.
* Contribute health data to rescue Situation Reports (SitReps).

Medical logistics
* Ensure regular inventory and consumption tracking of medical drugs and supplies.
* Work with the medical logistician (land based) to ensure prompt requesting of medical drugs and supplies.

Infection Prevention and Control
* Observe IPC practices whilst delivering clinical care.
* In-conjunction with the post-rescue team leader, ensure adherence to IPC protocols during rescue and post-rescue operations.
* Ensure the health clinic is regularly cleaned during rescue operations and decontaminated post rescue.
* In-conjunction with the crew oversee dead body management.

* In-conjunction with the broader post-rescue team, ensure the delivery of relevant health and hygiene promotion activities for both crew and passengers on board.
* Must be willing to take on additional roles and responsibilities as required


* University degree in Medicine from a recognised training institution.
* Current registration with the recognised professional body of your country of residence eg) General Medical Council UK.
* At least 5 years experience working as a Medical Doctor
* Previous clinical experience in one or more of the following areas: Accident and Emergency medicine, Acute Medicine, Primary Healthcare, Paediatrics and Obstetrics.
* Previous experience of clinical work in a resource limited or remote context.
* Current or previous certification in Advanced Life Support (ALS) or Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) and Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS) or Paediatric Trauma Life Support (PTLS).
* Previous experience of supervising and mentoring other health staff
* Fluent in English (written and spoken)
* Must be a team player with excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work under pressure in a stressful environment, displaying patience, compassion and diplomacy.
* Ability to be innovative, flexible, adaptive, and willingness to work out of hours, sometimes throughout the night.
* Ability to live in challenging conditions.

* Working knowledge of French and/or Arabic.
* Previous humanitarian experience or experience working with migrant populations.
* Previous experience working at sea.

How To Apply
Applications and updated CV should be submitted to :