ALS Critical Care Paramedics (South-Africans) , Qatar

Location: Qatar , Doha
Salary: R110000 per month 

A minimum of 18 months CURRENT clinical experience as ALS Critical Care Paramedic required. 

Minimum ESSENTIAL qualifications:
South African National Diploma or BTech degree ESSENTIAL.
Note:  ILS/BLS qualifications or any other qualifications other than National Diploma or B Tech Degree are not accepted!

A minimum of 18 months CURRENT clinical experience as ALS Critical Care Paramedic.
Recent ICU transfer/flight experience beneficial.
The ideal candidate must be fit and in good health.
LICENSURE: Licensed in South-Africa.
AGE: As per hospital policy only candidates up to the age of 49 will be considered.
LANGUAGE SKILLS: Fluent in English - Oral and Written.

Employees are offered a comprehensive benefits program that meets their individual needs.
3 Year contract (renewable)
Single and family contracts available.
Generous total salary. 30 000 Qatari Riyals per month (the total salary consists of basic salary + transport allowance + market allowance + special allowance). Which is a total salary of +/- R110 000 South-African rand per month.
+ Free fully furnished accommodation provided.
+ Free "round trip" (to and from home country) flight tickets on joining, annual leave, and on repatriation. For those with family contract offered this will be also be applicable for your family (wife and up to 3 children up to 18 years old).
+ School allowance: maximum for up to 3 children (ages 5- 18) per child per academic year provided that they are studying in private schools in Doha.
+ 40 days paid annual vacation days.
End of Service Award (at end of contract) which is one month's salary for each year worked.

The benefits outlined here are those that apply to most employees.

Recruitment Trip - Face to face interviews will be done in South-Africa (Cape Town & Durban) - proposed for end of Sept 2017. 

Available Expected to start within 2-3 months of offer

How To Apply:
Send your CV To :