EMR Team Medical Personnel Needed ( Nurses , Paramedics , Doctors & Anesthesiologist ) - Northern Iraq

Location: Iraq Erbil

Attached you will find a comprehensive candidate briefing regarding immediate medical personnel needs for facilities being established  near Erbil , Iraq, in support of casualties from the liberation of Mosul.

Initial deployments will be 4 weeks only with possibility of repeat rotations as needed.

For the critical care facility, the following specialties are needed:
  • Trauma Surgeons - 4 
  • Anesthesiologist - 4 
  • Emergency Department Nurses - 6 
  • Critical Care/Intensive Care Nurses - 6 
  • OR/Theater Nurses - 4 
  • Advanced Paramedics with exceptional advanced airway skills - 2 
For an adjoining maternity facility, the following professionals are required but at this time we have no number but only specialty requirements:

  • Obstetrician/Gynecologists 
  • Neonatologists 
  • Nurse Midwives
Ideally, all candidates will have had experience in austere and/or combat settings.

Read attached brief thoroughly.

How To Apply:
If you wish to be considered for any of these positions, please email:

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