EMT - Paramedic

Locations: Ukraine

Primary Function:

Provide medical support or “out of hospital care” in a tactile environment. Work with team members in the performance of a wide variety of missions that may include, but are not limited to, mine clearance operations and support for civilian contractor operations. Actively support and uphold the Company’s stated vision, mission, and values.

Essential Functions:

Track and maintain individual supply requirements
Assist in training activities of fellow medics and team members
Attend courses that have relevance to assigned duties
Provide emergent and non-emergent medical support such as treatment of minor acute illnesses in field conditions to include, but not limited to, fluid resuscitation, hemorrhage control with haemostatic agents, airway support, and life support for patients with prolonged casualty evacuation times

Job Requirements:

Physicians Assistant (PA) is preferred but must be a certified NREMT-P
Must have five (5) years of emergency medical service experience in a stateside position
Two (2) years of experience in a remote location

Able to demonstrate the capability to managing the infirmary, conduct training and refresher courses to maintain a high state of readiness of a medical staff that is capable of responding to any emergency
Successfully pass CENTCOM MOD 11 Medical Screening Standards
Ability to work in harsh or extreme, potentially hazardous working conditions when required
Must possess valid passport
Must be able to pass a detailed background investigation at a frequency as required by contract
Must be able to meet the physical requirements dictated by project requirements
Must be able to pass a physical approving candidate for overseas work
Must have experience in applicable safety standards specifically working under the requirements of the United States Army Corps of Engineers safety standards:
EM 385-1-1, Safety and Health Requirements, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, CESA-ZA, 15 September 2008, Errata 1, 5 March 2010, Change 7, 13 July 12.
EM 385-1-97, Explosives Safety and Health Requirements Manual, 17 May 2013
EM 1110-1-4009, Engineering Manual 1110-1-4009, Engineering and Design – Military Munitions Response Actions, 15 June 2007; Errata #1, 29 June 2007; Errata #2, 5 November 2007; Errata #3, 4 December 2007, Errata 4, 5 February 10.

Must have experience and actual field experience working under applicable International Mine Action Standards in Afghanistan, Korea, or Iraq:
International Mine Action Standards 08.10, Non-Technical Mine Action Survey, 2nd Edition, 5th Amendment, June 2013.
International Mine Action Standards 08.20, Technical Survey, 1st Edition, 2nd Amendment, June 2013.
International Mine Action Standards 08.30, Post Clearance Documentation, 2nd Edition, 5th Amendment, June 2013.

Preferred Qualifications

Strong written and oral presentation skills
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
Excellent organization skills
Proven ability to work both collaboratively and autonomously
Strong initiative
Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines
How To Apply:
Send your CVResume to: xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.com 

Email available to paid up members ONLY