Platform Medic & Health Advisor

Employer: Taqa Global
Location: Offshore
Ref: TBR-711

Basic Purpose Of The Role: 
The primary purpose of the role is to maintain a state of medical emergency preparedness at all times in order to provide first-aid and appropriate medical care as may be required (under appropriate medical practitioner supervision) for persons on board presenting with injury or illness. No other aspect of the role shall detract from this primary duty. Immediate skilled treatment may be required to treat acute medical and surgical conditions at any time and this includes the ability to conduct appropriate resuscitation and to stabilize and prepare a patient for medevac.

The medic may be required to act as medical escort where it is considered that a patient may deteriorate during medevac and where suitable medical or paramedic support is not otherwise available during transfer onshore to hospital. In such event, a designated first aider may provide for first aid and basic health care needs of the remote site during the period in which the offshore medic is not on board.

Site First Aid Coordinator and Trainer

Platform focal point for the control of offshore health hazards, e.g., noise, HAV, substances hazardous to health, asbestos, potable water quality (control of legionella), manual handling, display screen equipment.

An ambassador for health promotion and physical fitness including the delivery of approved health promotion activities on board.

Conduct health assessments including fitness for work and health surveillance as may be directed by the Health Manager.

To work with the platform management and wider HSSEQ team to participate in improving TAQA HSSEQ performance with a focus on control of health hazards (but may also be involved in supporting other areas of HSSEQ performance) and to support a culture where harm to people or the environment is not tolerated.

Delivers appropriate evidence-based health care within their competence and when indicated to prevent harm to people in accordance with medical standing orders, evidence-based practice and doctor guidance.
To abide by the Nursing Midwifery Council (‘NMC’) Code at all times. This applies for all medics regardless of whether or not.they are NMC registered. See URL:
To comply with requirements for demonstrating/maintaining competence, professional revalidation and continuous professional development. Any offshore medic not maintaining suitable good standing as a registered health professional may be deemed unfit to work with patients.
To comply with systems to protect patients
To report all adverse events (treatment errors/mistakes, near misses, patient complaints) as soon as possible to the Health Manager.
Liaises with the TAQA Health Manager and duty doctor service on patient care when appropriate.
Ensures safe patient medevac in conjunction with duty doctor advice and OIM approval, and in accordance with TAQA medevac procedure.
Maintenance of clear, concise, accurate, medical records for all patient assessments and treatments, recorded contemporaneously and suitable, accurate attendance log.
Records and maintains basic health information on medications and allergies for core crew.
Operates a regular drop-in clinic for 45 minutes at the start of each day and night shift.
Sick-bay management including appropriate stock management (including controlled drug checks) and appropriate maintenance of medical equipment, dressings, sundries, medications and medical gases.
Subject to appropriate patient consent and confidentiality, reports suspected offshore injury and occupational illness to the OIM and Health Manager and assists investigation as required.
Delivers on-site first aid training and awareness training on control of health hazards.
Conducts approved occupational health assessments and wellbeing activities under direction from the Health Manager.
Platform focal point for the control of offshore health hazards in accordance with TAQA standards and procedures, e.g., noise, HAV, substances hazardous to health, asbestos (includes maintenance of site asbestos register), potable water quality (control of legionella), manual handling, display screen equipment.
Platform occupational hygiene technician - conducts exposure monitoring (e.g. noise, hazardous substances) as directed by the TAQA occupational hygienist.
Conducts a catering and accommodation hygiene inspection each trip and maintains a log of findings and actions.
Works with platform management and wider HSSEQ team to develop objectives for the Health (‘H’) element of the annual platform HSE plan and attends HSE planning meetings.
Appropriate data entry to TAQA IT systems including eOPAS, CHARM, IMPACT, eLogbook, TAMS
Participates in daily permit meetings and is available to support and facilitate health risk assessment as required.(refers to Occupational Hygienist and/or Health Manager when appropriate).
Maintains suitable records of medic activity including a documented handover for back-to-back colleagues.
Participates in incident investigation.

Participates in compliance monitoring and local audit activities.

Attention to detail in patient assessment and treatment.
Never too busy to assess a patient – door open approach.
On-call for medical emergencies overnight - flexibility to catch-up on rest during the daytime on occasions when called out between 19:00 and 07:00h.
Calm, confidential, professional and caring approach to patient care
Adheres to medical protocol.

Closing Date15/01/2017