Nurse (Site)

Employer:Global Petroleum Business & Trading Est.
Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 

Skills: Paramedic / Nurse
Experience: 6 + Years
Education: Tech/Vocational Cert/Apprenticeship 

No location/work authorization restrictions found.

To provide support to the Site Doctor in the provision of appropriate emergency medical I trauma response and care.
To assist in the routine activities ofthe medical facilities in support of the Site Doctor.
Dispense medications according to the Site Doctor's prescription or standing orders.
To treat all medical information and information about client's activities obtained in the course of working on the project in the strictest confidence. In relation to medical information attention must be paid to Professional Code of Conduct.
Timely maintenance of statutory written and computerised records, reports, statistics and referral letters To perform basic tests for any site agreed Occupational Health Program in preparation for any further examination by the Site Doctor.

To work proactively to ensure continuity in the delivery of the site medical services.
Undertake periodic health and hygiene inspections of site facilities and provide assistance in identifying health and hygiene needs
Inventory maintenance activities. Make and receive medical supply orders. Review expiry dates for medications and disposables.
Health Education Duties : Educate employees on health related issues, i.e. hypertension, diabetes and obesity
Supports and assists the development, review and revision of policies and procedures.
Assists in the training and orientation of new personnel.
Actively participates in staff meetings.
Other duties and responsibilities as may be required and agreed with the Site Doctor.

Knowledge Skills and Experience:
Fully qualified to practice as a Nurse in the UAE through the HAAD approval process.
Graduated from a recognised training institution providing nursing training and certification.
High level of English language capability in verbal and written communication forms.
Past experience of working in medical institutions reflecting ability to perform on remote sites as per the above requirements, with particular emphasis on emergency care. Remote oil industry site experience is preferred.
Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC)
Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET)
Basic Offshore Survival Training (BOSIET)
Ongoing training and maintenance of skills and certification as per CME requirements.