17 December 2016

PSD Medic, Iraq

Location: Iraq

The Team Medic is first and foremost a team member required to act as a close personal protection operator and personal protection officer in addition to his/her medical duties.


Act of PSD team member
Perform the duties of Personal Protection Officer
Apply competencies as listed as required
Maintain and carry Team Medic bag and vehicle medical kit
Operate Incident Response Team Ambulance as ordered
Assist Clinic Nurse as required
Perform duties of Duty Medic
Give medical training (within capabilities) to Team Members

Essential Qualifications & Experience

Competent Close Personal Protection operator
Safety at Scene and Mechanism of Injury
Rapid Trauma Assessment
Use of Defibrillator
Oxygen therapy
Basic Life Support
Airway management: Use of OPA/NPA/LMA
Needle decompression
Shock, fluid therapy including inserting an IV/IO
Treat blunt and penetrating trauma
Control bleeding and haemorrhage
Treat basic head injuries
Treat fractures and dislocations
Treat burns and blasts injuries
Conduct remote area and prolonged patient care
Prepare casualty for air and road evacuation

Desirable Qualifications & Experience
Has field medics training in providing first aid in remote situations Previous experience in Iraq in a similar role. Ability to communicate in Arabic.

Nationality Requirement
Australian preferred; UK, NZ, Canadian.

Security Clearance Requirement

Hold, or be able to obtain, an Australian Government Negative Vetted Level 1 clearance (equivalent to ADF SECRET clearance), or national equivalent.

How To Apply:
Send your CV to:  xxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxx.com