Employer: CMO O&M Offshore
Location: Lafayette  LA  , USA

We are currently sourcing a medic to join our team in Ingleside, Texas. The successful candidate will be required to undertake the health, safety and welfare of the crew.

This position will report directly to the hiring manager.

*At this time, we will only consider applications from U.S. citizens or those with the required permit/VISA for this region, in place.

Detailed Description

· Primary responsibility to provide emergency first aid and advanced trauma life support to personnel at the Field site.

· Provide direct and indirect patient care.

· Communicate effectively with operations management and support health personnel.

· Assist in developing and implementing health education and wellness programs.

· Demonstrates personnel and paramedical responsibilities in order to maintain an atmosphere of mutual trust, recognition and respect for the safety and health of personnel. At the request of the Platform Supervisor and/or his/her appointed designee and/or the OPERATOR Medical Director, perform other activities and services within the scope of individuals practice and which complies with Medic Systems philosophy, policies, procedures and values.

· Perform clerical duties documenting platform activities, typing reports, managing files and records. Generally function as office manager, offshore.

· Operates radios, telephones and fax machine and handle distribution of written correspondence and all related offshore communications.

· Set up, establish or maintain a functional, clean clinic at the Field site.

· Maintain employee medical records, in a confidential manner, of patient and health care provider.

· Provide weekly activity reports to appropriate persons at location.

· Provide weekly activity reports to Medic Systems Operations Manager.

Job Requirements

Required: High school diploma or general education degree (GED); must fulfil the Health Department for the Continental Shelf's demands to the position; He\she is to have a valid health certificate, and must be legally registered as a Medic or RN by the authorities.

Preferred: 3-5 years’ experience preferred as a Medic or RN

Additional Details

The Company embraces diversity in our workforce, ensuring we have a workforce that provides us with a wide range of skills, ideas and energy. Embracing diversity means the Company will acknowledge, understand and appreciate the differences between individuals in developing a workplace that develops, benefits and enhances their value.

Selection for employment, promotion or any other benefit will be made on the basis of merit, ability and suitability.