Rig Medic

Recruiter: OIM India
Location: Offshore/Rig

Reporting To:  Tool Pusher / Person In Charge

Mandatory  Valid MOH/DHA License
ACLS and ATLS qualification

2 Years in position

a)    Strong interpersonal skills
b)    Communication skills

c)    Diagnostic skills
d)    Medical equipment handling knowledge
e)    MS Office knowledge
f)    English language knowledge

Principal Accountability: 
a)    Ensure that the Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management System, established by the Company and defined in the System Manual, is implemented and maintained onboard the Rig.
b)    Ensuring that any non-compliance with the Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management system is identified and addressed.
c)    Ensure that the Company’s policies are known, understood and adhered to.
d)    Accountable for your own safety.

a)    Recommendation for rest / leave on medical ground

a)    Ensure active participation in Safety Observation Card Program.
b)    Participate in all safety drills and during emergency situations act as per designation on station bill.
c)    Report unsafe condition, any incidents, potential health hazards or abnormal situation observed.
d)    Participate in weekly safety meeting and other training program.

a)    To work closely with Tool Pusher for timely updating on any unusual health conditions observed

Personally responsible for own safety and conducting oneself to the standards of the Company Policies and Procedures.
Maintain the clinic, safely store and replenish medical supplies.
Maintain relevant medical protocols.
Provide first aid response to minor injuries.
Provide stabilization and pre-hospital emergency care for medi-vac cases and liaise with medical specialists as required.
Participate actively in safety program, particularly with regard to promoting personal health and fitness issues.
Be available for safety orientations for new personnel arriving at rig.
Monitor occupational health performance.
Participate in emergency drills and respond to incipient or actual emergencies.
Conduct regular inspections of rig facilities and report on hygiene and related issues.
Conduct routine tests on potable water quality and advice Tool Pusher of any trends in medical cases which could indicate food, water or air quality problems.
Keep records of all medical treatment undertaken on rig.
Inspect weekly eye wash stations, first aid boxes, stretchers, etc.
Assist Safety Officer as required.
Bring to the attention of the Tool Pusher any matters of concern in the field of occupational health and hygiene.
Participate in accident investigations and reporting as appropriate.
Be available for record keeping or administrative assistance as agreed.
If required, teach first aid & CPR classes and refreshers as requested by Tool Pusher.
Relieve Radio Operator as and when required.
Update Lifeboat stations at all time.
Be available to provide, with Safety Officer on rig, SCBA and confined space orientations etc. as required.
Maintain own certification, professional knowledge and skill level.
Be involved in SAFETY OBSERVATION CARD program at all times.

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