29 November 2016

Medical Coordinator

Location: Myanmar
Closing date: 31 Dec 2016
Starting: December , 2016

As part of our activities in Myanmar, we are looking for a Medical Coordinator
Strategy:Working alongside the Country Director and cooperating closely with the Program Coordinator and the Regional Health Advisor (Asia), s/he contributes to the development of new medical initiatives for the mission. S/he carries out epidemiological monitoring for the country and analyses strengths and weaknesses from the point of view of public health.
Programmes: S/he ensures that medical programme(s) are in line with Organization’s health policy and monitors them for quality and efficacy.
Representation: S/he represents the association to partners, authorities and local stakeholders involved in implementing medical programmes.
Human Resources / Training:S/he supervises the medical coordination team (Organization employees), provides support to Heads of Bases for recruiting technical staff and supervises technical training activities on the basis of identified needs with the Medical Officers in the base.
Logistics and Administration: S/he ensures the activities for which he/she is responsible comply with logistical and administrative procedures.
Safety: S/he contributes to compliance with safety rules within the mission and communicates any safety-related information to the Country Director. He/She ensures healthcare is provided for expatriate staff involved in the mission.

S/he contributes to the development of the mission’s operational medical strategy in line with organization’s health policy and health intervention framework and the country’s national health policy.
S/he submits any proposals for the development of new medical activities in new areas of operation to the headquarter Medical Department. He/She ensures that the medical activities of the mission’s programmes comply with organization’s health policy and operational framework.
S/he ensures medical guidelines, tools and practices across the whole of the mission are harmonised and capitalised in relation to organization tools and helps to update them in conjunction with the headquarter Medical Department.
S/he ensures that epidemiological data, medical protocols, national health policy and assistance programmes from key players in the healthcare sector (WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA, UNAIDS, etc.) for the country are monitored and analysed in conjunction with the headquarter Medical Department.
S/he promotes the production (publication) of research documents relating to the mission where appropriate, in conjunction with the headquarter Medical Department.
S/he attends coordination meetings as an active contributor. He/She organises annual reflection and strategic development workshops with the mission’s medical staff as necessary.

S/he provides continuous information to the Country Director and the Program Coordinator on new directions on medical policies at a national level and within the organization.
S/he monitors, analyses and compiles reports on medical activities (monthly and quarterly for the medical department), in particular in relation to epidemiological data, consumption of medical supplies, indicators, and results of the mission’s medical programmes.
S/he supervises the operation of medical activities, including project and site visits, monitoring the quality of care, meeting medical staff and organising meetings and training for medical staff.
S/he provides technical support for programmes by responding to technical questions, analysing medical strategy and identifying solutions to problems.
S/he contributes to adapting implementation and monitoring methods for medical activities on projects run by the mission.
S/he ensures that orders for medical equipment, medicines and consumables are appropriate to programme requirements and local constraints (country certification, health monitoring, etc.).
S/he communicates internal and external reports to the Country Director and headquarter Medical Department in line with internal approval timescales (situation report) and external contractual deadlines (project reports).

S/he is familiar with  Internal Regulations in relation to the mission and ensures these are understood and complied with by his/her team.
S/he draws up job descriptions for the members of his/her team, has them approved by the Country Director and plays an active role in recruitment (interviews, tests, etc.). He/She participates in the decision to terminate the employment contract of members of his/her team.
S/he ensures that all staff are assessed in writing at least once per contract and once a year, and as a minimum before they leave their post.
S/he introduces coordination mechanisms specific to his/her team and organises team supervision.
S/he identifies training needs for his/her team and supplements this through the provision of organisational, methodological and technical support, organising training, etc.
S/he draws up an organisation chart for his/her team and has it approved by the Country Director.
S/he participates in defining all medical positions for the mission (recruitment, training, monitoring, setting objectives, support and assessments for local staff).

S/he ensures that appropriate procedures and tools are used for the management of the pharmacy, including the utilization of Sagastock, with the technical support of the headquarter Health Advisor and Pharmacist
S/he participates in forecasting, analysis and follow up of procurement orders for medicines, consumables and medical equipment
S/he contributes to compiling and analysing bids made by suppliers for purchases with stringent technical specifications.
S/he provides all the information needed to produce a cash flow forecast for his/her own department to the Administration and Finance Coordinator on a monthly basis.
S/he ensures up-to-date budget monitoring for the department for which he/she is responsible on a monthly basis and participates in analysing, identifying any discrepancies and proposing adjustments to the Administration and Finance Coordinator.

S/he represents the association to key national and local players (NGOs, health authorities and institutional stakeholders) involved in implementing medical programmes and ensures good relationships are maintained with each of them (ensuring compliance with organization’s principles of neutrality and independence).
In the event of a visit by a donor, s/he plays an active role in preparing and managing the visit.

S/he ensures the safety plan is understood by the team for which he/she is responsible and that safety rules are respected.
S/he contributes to gathering information relating to safety in his/her area of operation and disseminates this on a regular basis or ad hoc in the event of an emergency.
S/he ensures that the medical teams have access to appropriate personal protective equipment (e.g. PEP kits, gloves, etc.).
S/he ensures that the procedures and supply for expatriate medical care and evacuation are in place, regularly updated and known by the expatriates in the mission. When necessary, he/she participates, as necessary, in managing medical evacuations in conjunction with the Logistic Coordinator, Country Director and Head Office.
S/he provides technical inputs for the update of the health policy for national staff

S/he participates in and/or supervises exploratory missions in conjunction with the Country Director.
S/he provides monitoring of the healthcare coverage provided by health authorities and NGOs in the country.
S/he participates in identifying healthcare needs in conjunction with the project teams.
When defining new operations, s/he works with the project teams to prepare and draft project proposals for health-related activities.
S/he participates in drafting the mission’s annual action plan.
S/he participates on the log frames, concept notes and proposals’ writing
S/he ensures a follow-up of the medical context and situation in the country S/he review regularly the medical literature related to the  medical strategy in the country

Medical or paramedical degree

Master in Public Health
Training/certificate in HIV/Aids and reproductive health programs management (desirable)
Professional Experience

Humanitarian, International, Technical
Minimum 5 years’ experience in implementing health program in developing countries, including in the field of HIV/AIDS and reproductive health


Other (please specify)
Employed with a Fixed-Term Contract

Monthly Gross Income: from 2 200 up to 2 530 Euros depending on the experience in International Solidarity + 50 Euros per semester seniority with PUI
Seniority And Experience Premium:Based on previous experience on international solidarity projects and with PUI.
Precariousness Bonusof 10% (monthly)
Cost covered:
Round-trip transportation to and from home / mission (travel expenses include visas, vaccines…)
Medical coverage and complementary healthcare
Insurance policies, especially for repatriation
Collective housing accommodation
Daily living expenses (“Per diem”)

How To Apply: 

Please, send your application (Resume and Cover letter) to xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.com

Email available to paid up Members ONLY