07 November 2016

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Chief , Afghanistan

Employer: Fluor Corporation
Location: Bagrām, Afghanistan

Job description

Under physician’s supervision, provides medical services, assesses plans and provides patient care. Overseas, occupational health & safety, and clinical medicine. Examines patient, performs comprehensive physical examinations, and compiles patient medical data, including health history and results of physical examination. Provides medical expertise and participates in training for the benefit of department and project employees; may be a point of contact on medical issues related to a project or work site; provides injury case management and assists with the administration of return-to-work
programs at a project or work site; assists in the preparation and maintenance of required records associated with incidents and injuries; assists with project or work site statistical data; assists with establishing and maintaining a project or work site first and facility.

Responsible for overall management, administration, organization, and planning to support the Fire Services EMS program. Develops, reviews, and implements EMS policies and procedures in accordance with laws and regulations.

In the operations function, directs, through subordinate fire paramedic officers, the coordination and deployment of equipment and personnel to emergency scenes and the training of fire paramedic personnel in accordance with state and departmental regulations. Responds to emergency scenes and maintains command of EMS operations until the arrival of a higher level medical officer are significant aspects of the work.

In the administration function, insures compliance with EMS regulations and directs the activities of the EMS program, developing and maintaining a comprehensive EMS plan, including the designation of primary response areas for the site. Ensure that there are appropriate policies and procedures directing patient care for Ambulance Services and service relating to quality assurance of patient care.

Manages the quality control of patient care, including the evaluation of protocols, procedures and field techniques in accordance with accepted pre-hospital care standards. Contacts with on-site agencies and coordination with medical control, regional medical personnel, hospital emergency department physicians and other base agencies having responsibilities in emergency

As directed by management, may supervise employees or subcontractor personnel in accordance with the “General Supervisory Duties and Responsibilities” addendum.

Position may be located in a war zone in a contingency environment with harsh and dangerous working and living conditions, including lifting and carrying 40 pounds of personal protective equipment for extended periods of time. To ensure safety, health, and security measures within the contract are met, all employees shall be literate in English (read, write, speak and understand).

Living conditions on the project are most likely austere. The most austere sleeping may be in environmentally conditioned tents on “Army type” cots. Restrooms and showers may be 250 feet or further from sleeping quarters. Laundry service for 15 pounds twice per week is commonly provided. Meals are provided at regular intervals in cafeteria or “dining facility” style environment. Living area will most likely have constant hum of generators or similar equipment nearby.

Fluor values the contributions of a diverse and inclusive workforce and is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer.