03 October 2016

PSS/Paramedic . Iraq

Employer: Triple Canopy / Constellis Group 
Location : Baghdad, Iraq

Job Description
This position is contingent upon contract award
Provide advanced emergency medical care to Contractor personnel, COM personnel, and others at the direction of DS/RSO,including invasive and pharmacological
interventions within the Contractor’s Scope of Practice and in alignment with the National Emergency Medical Services Scope of Practice and Clinical Protocol Guidance
Perform day-to-day personal protective security functions
Drive the lead vehicle, principal’s vehicle, follow-vehicle, and/or acting as response agent whenever required in motorcade or similar operations
Maintains assigned protective formation position during principal’s walking movements
​Participates in advance security preparations
Mans the security post at the principal’s residence or mans the command post, or other static posts as required

Job Requirements
US citizen
Valid US issued passport and current driver’s license
Attend and successfully complete required training
Must possess a minimum of three (3) years of emergency medical services experience. This experience may be gained in the employ of any national,

state, provincial, local, or commercial entities providing armed high threat protective services that require skills similar to those identified in the training course

Obtain and maintain a personnel security clearance during the duration of the task order

Complete the Physical Readiness Test and maintain that fitness level for the duration of the task order

Must possess current National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians certification as a Paramedic
1. Registration must be valid prior to deployment, and remain valid throughout the period of deployment

Must possess current approved CPR professional rescuer, Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), and advanced trauma training credentials (i.e., Basic Trauma
Life Support (BTLS) or Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) or equivalent)

Must have experience/knowledge in current Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) guidelines

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