22 October 2016

Paramedic Supervisor , Middle East

Location:Saudi Arabia

Project: Fire, Crash Rescue Services – International Airports

Job Description:

Responsible for paramedical and ambulance services and for providing emergency medical assistance to routine and mass casualty operations when required at an International Airport.


A High School Diploma or equivalent is required. College or University Degree in Applied Health Science preferred.
Must have completed a recognised course in Basic and Advanced Life Support and certified by an authorising Government Agency as an “Emergency Medical Technician/Paramedic in accordance with US – or equivalent – criteria.
A current Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification from the US Heart Association – or equivalent – is required and must be kept current throughout the term of service at the airport.

Employment Conditions:

Contract Period: 12 months
Status: Single/Married Unaccompanied
Housing: Provided by Employer
Transport: Provided by Employer
Medical Cover: Provided by Employer

Information above supplied and approved by the Employer. Further details, including remuneration and leave/vacation entitlements, are available on application.

How To Apply:
Send application to: xxxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.com

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