04 October 2016

Flight Medic , Iraq

Employer: AAR Corp
Location: Iraq

- Minimum Seven (7) years experience in the medical field as a medic.
- Time as a flight medic preferred. - FI applicants require 1 year full field service within the last 3 years.
- Graduate of the US Army Flight Instructor Course preferred.
- Have an in-depth knowledge of life-saving Medical procedures.
- Have a working knowledge of FOL sanitary requirements to maintain a healthy working environment.
- Have knowledge of body recovery procedures. Have knowledge of advanced cardiology, to include operation of Defibrillator equipment, accurate reading and diagnosis of cardiac strips, and ACLS algorithms with appropriate drug treatment protocol.

- Be knowledgeable of Advanced Trauma Care, to include immediate assessment and treatment of ANY traumatic life threatening injury, advanced airway management (Intubations, Surgical Cricothyrotomy), advanced invasive procedures (Needle Decompression, Chest Tube Thoracotomy), advanced Circulatory support (Venous access through cut down procedures, blood typing and cross match, blood transfusion protocols). - Have knowledge of Advanced Diagnosis and Treatment of illnesses to include, but not limited to, the following systems cardiac, pulmonary, dermatology, musculoskeletal, neurological, endocrine, gastrointestinal, and genitourinary.
- Be knowledgeable of wound repair, to include anesthesia, nerve blocks, and suturing with proper aseptic technique. Have knowledge of general sick call procedures.
- Have a general knowledge of radiological (basic) analysis.
- Have knowledge of material inventory principles.

EDUCATION: High School diploma or equivalent.

CERTIFICATES: - EMT-P and CCEMTP certification. - Current FAA Class III Medical Certificate SPECIFIC TRAINING: National Registry EMTP/Critical Care Emergency Transport Program/ Flight Paramedic training SECURITY CLEARANCE:

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