06 September 2016

Special Forces Medical Sergeant

Location:  Worldwide

We are recruiting former SF Medics (18D) for worldwide assignment.

*** Positions are dependent upon contract award. ***

Principle Accountabilities:
Provides Health care services
Provides medical direction as medic ground control during medical evacuations
Examines patients, performs physical exams, and compiles medical data, including health history
Performs therapeutic procedures, such as injections, immunizations, management of infection, EKG’s, etc.
Renders direct patient care, including assessing, diagnosing, planning, prescribing pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment of health problems, health promotion, occupational care and preventative care.
Applies scientific knowledge to human treatment responses to actual or potential health problems
Documents and maintains patient records of services including proper preparation of required occupational medicine records
Participates in employee training and orientation programs as required
Plans and prepares for medical evacuation missions
Coordinates with operational mission planners for the safe evacuation of the patients from the originating mission to the destination facility.

Reports to:  Medical Director

Knowledge & Skills:

Current National EMT-P, ACLS, ATLS, and PHTLS Certification required. Certification must be current with all applicable education/recertification requirements completed.
Special Forces Medical Sergeant (18D30) experience required.
Previous work experience within foreign countries in a high threat environment.
Extensive experience dealing with life-saving procedures is required
Extensive experience conducting routine and emergency life-saving treatment in an austere environment is required.
Possess a current US Passport or the ability to obtain before assignment.

Experience & Education:

High school diploma or equivalent is required.
Must have four (4) years minimum experience as an EMT/P and demonstrated competence in primary healthcare and pre-hospital emergency care.
Special Operations Medical Sergeant (18D30) MOS qualified.
Must have at least two (2) years certification (current) in Advanced Life Support (ALS).
Must have knowledge of advanced cardiology, to include operation of defibulatory equipment, accurate reading and diagnosis of cardiac strips, and ACLS algorithms with appropriate drug treatment protocol.
Must be knowledgeable in Advanced Trauma Care, to include immediate assessment and treatment of ANY traumatic life threatening injury, advanced airway management (Intubations, Surgical Cricothyrotomy), advanced invasive procedures (Needle Decompression, Chest Tube Thoracotomy), advanced Circulatory support (Venous access through cut down procedures, blood typing and cross match, blood transfusion protocols).
Must have knowledge of Advanced Diagnosis and Treatment of illnesses to include, but not limited to, the following systems cardiac, pulmonary, dermatology, musculoskeletal, neurological, endocrine, gastrointestinal, and genitourinary.
Must be knowledgeable of wound repair, to include anesthesia, nerve blocks, and suturing with proper aseptic technique.
Must have knowledge of general sick call procedures.
Must have a general knowledge of radiological (basic) analysis.
Must have knowledge of material inventory principles.

Physical Requirements/Working Environment:

Must be able to walk or stand on level and/or inclined surfaces up to eight (8) hours per day and sit for up to three (3) hours per day.
Must be able to routinely climb / descend stairs.
Employee must be able to lift and carry 120 pounds 100 meters.
Must be able to routinely grasp or handle objects, use finger dexterity, bend elbows / knees, and reach above / below shoulders.
Must be able to read and interpret newspaper and typewritten print.
Must be able to communicate by voice and detect sound by ear.
Must be able to distinguish color and judge three-dimensional depths.
All employees must receive immunizations appropriate to the theater of operations prior to employment.
Must attend and successfully complete weapons qualification, security training, psychological profiling and High Threat – Survival Escape and Evasion training prior to deployment

Work Environment:

Employee may be required to work and live in a potentially hostile environment, at remote locations, and under austere conditions.
Employee may be required to respond to a wide variety of operational circumstances, under extreme weather conditions, within a hostile environment.
The individual may be exposed to extreme noise from aircraft, hostile fire, and other acts of aggression associated with this region. Individuals may be exposed to fumes or airborne particles and work in close proximity to moving mechanical parts, aircraft, and vehicles.Travel:

Must be able to travel to and between remote locations in austere and/or hostile environments

How To Apply:
Send your application to: xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.com

Email available to paidup Members ONLY