24 September 2016

Exploratory Mission Medical Coordinator

Employer:Médicos del Mundo
Location: Syria/Iraq
Closing date: 07 Oct 2016

Job Summary:
Conduct a Health Needs assessment in Syria and ensure proposed activities are realistic, relevant and feasible. Responsible for the quality of the Medical Health Care activities and supervision of the MDM programs - Represent MDM in all health cluster meetings and other stakeholders.


The successful candidate will be based in Dohuk, Northern Iraq (Kurdishtan Iraq). According to security situation he/she will have to operate in& out inside Syria, Al Hasakah.


The successful candidate will be part of the MdM Explo mission team and will report to the Explo Coordinator. CAs well, he/she will have direct technical link with Medical Coordinator in HQ.

Conduct a health needs assessment in Al Hasakah or coordinate remote supervision of the Health Needs assesments
Planning and implementation of exploratory mission activities
Recruitment of health staff
Participate in collaboration with logistician in the medical supplies orders
Ensure and oversee quality of the activities in the programs
Represents Médicos del Mundo for all medical related issues and keeps in touch with officials in mission country, other NGOs, national and international organisations, donors, civil and military authorities.
Develops and maintains positive relationships with all relevant stakeholders in country
Coordinates medical activities with other NGOs and partners in the same area of intervention
Ensure quality Medical Health Care and follow up of protocols according to internationally accepted MdM standards, including control of communicable diseases and rational use of antibiotics
Ensures that all medical staff promotes and maintains confidentiality regarding medical cases and records.Identify priorities for capacity building trainings and facilitate internal trainings on-job for the medical teams and support staff
Be responsible for providing the analysis/feedback on the epidemiological data
Prepare a weekly/monthly Medical activities report
Contributes with the Explo Coordinator to review and or develop programme strategies and policy documents for the expansion of MDM mission

Expected outputs:

Al Hasakah Health Needs Assessment
Diagnosis of community participation related to health