26 August 2016

Tier 2 Medic - Iraq

Recruiter: Minimal Risk
Location: Middle East

Job Description

Our client is looking for the services of a qualified Tier 2 medic to support an ongoing contract in Iraq.

The role of the Tier 2 Medic / Deputy Team Leader is to support the Team Leader, providing the link between the Team Leader and the remainder of the team in addition to providing medical support to the client and team. The Tier 2 Medic / Deputy Team Leader shall provide general medical care, emergency medical care (when required), conduct training to ensure the team remains medically trained to the standards laid down by the client. The Tier 2 Medic / Deputy Team Leader shall also supervise and conduct team administrative duties as directed by the Team Leader.

Key Tasks & Responsibilities:


First response medical emergency cover, trauma or primary care

Working within a strictly applied and audited clinical governance structure, liaison with reach-back support to a clinician in the UK as required
Medicine management for the controlled drug register, storage and accountability of medical equipment
Generate and maintain accurate confidential patient reports
Exercising professional judgement and personal initiative to make informed decision in relation to patient care
Data management, weekly medical returns to the client’s nominated medical governance provider
Ensuring all medical equipment issued is serviceable and in date
Total familiarity with standards applied to the Health Profession Council’s Standards of Practice for Paramedics
Maintaining and practicing within the legal and ethical boundaries applying appropriate professional accountability

Operational Delivery

Support the Team Leader in the command and control of the mission, to ensure that team members are equipped and supervised in accordance with Edinburgh International Standard Operating Procedures
In consultation with the Team Leader, he is dually responsible for ensuring the team fully understand and remain compliant with the Rules for the Use of Force (RUF) and Graduated Force Response (GFR)
Assisting in the planning and execution of missions as directed by the Team Leader
Prepared to assume the role of Team Leader when required
Dually responsible with the Team Leader for vehicle maintenance and oversight
Comprehension of the need to comply with local security forces’ directives whilst operating
Responsible with the Team Leader for ensuring communications checks are conducted prior to mission commencement
Responsible with the Team Leader for maintaining the communications link with the Operations Room management during the mission with an understanding of Operational Communications back up plan in the event of communication breakdown

Essential Capabilities & Skills

Ability to draft detailed and accurate medical reports
Be able to articulate facts in a timely and accurate manner both orally and written
Proven medical operational experience in a demanding high risk environment is essential
Needs to show balance and a calm demeanor in the event of a hostile action occurring
Understanding of the need for liaison and interaction with local security forces
Ability to demonstrate a high level of initiative and accuracy in high pressure situations
Ability to identify and react to security issues of significance to Clients when on the ground
Understanding diversity and cultural issues within the team and on sites within the area of operation

Key Competencies  

IT Literate in Word, and have a working knowledge in PowerPoint and Excel
Possess a full understanding and working knowledge of the communication systems in operation
Possess good radio and voice procedure
Possess an experienced based knowledge of training procedures in order to maintain the effectiveness and compliance of the team in trauma management

Rotations and daily/monthly rates will be discussed at Interview.

Interviews will be held in Hereford and suitable candidates will be contacted directly. Deployment will be as soon as possible.


Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) Paramedic, Registered Nurse, Doctor or HSE Offshore Medic (or overseas equivalent)
Valid Advanced Life Support (ALS) or Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification
Minimum of 5 years’ service in a regular Armed Force
Minimum of 2 years’ experience working as a Medic (Combat Medical Technician 1/Ambulance Technician) or in an active ambulance care or medical emergency room
Satisfactory completion of a formal Close Protection training course conducted by an SIA-approved training organisation (or other national equivalent)
Satisfactory completion of a criminal record check within the recent 6 months
Previous operational experience relevant to the region
Previous operational experience in a high threat environment
Previous operational experience in the Client’s sector (e.g. Oil & Gas) is preferred