27 August 2016

Medic Iraq

Location: Iraq
Closing date: 07 Sep 2016


Adhere to the SOP at all times
Perform duties regardless of patient’s race, religion, sex, age, nationality, disability, social or economic status
Respect patient confidentiality and rights
Maintain patient safety
Facilitate for the hygiene for the team
Maintain the first aid kit, ensure that the required items are in place, stored properly, sterile, are not expired, and replenish any damaged or expired items.
Plan and execute regular CASEVAC exercised in cooperation with the Technical Field Manager or Site Supervisor
Document and record all actions and duties when required
Follow the instructions of the team leader
Report all safety concerns to the ESD Team Leader or other superior
Search and clearance of explosives in dedicated area or lane.
Report any damage or missing medical equipment to the ESD Team Leader
Other tasks given by the ESD Team Leader or other superior.

Must have:

Paramedic training
Successfully pass relevant training courses
Successfully pass operational accreditation

Paramedic or nurse education

Must have:
1 year experience as medic

Experience as paramedic, emergency room nurse or similar
Experience as medic in mine action

Other qualifications:Verbal proficiency in Arabic and Kurdish
Good interpersonal skills
Good communication and understanding skills
Able to work effectively under stressful situations, & adapt to, difficult conditions
Willingness & ability to travel within the country

How To Apply

Please apply using the E-mail: xxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.com by sending a full CV.

Email available to paid-up members/subscribers ONLY