17 July 2016

Team Medic

Location: Offshore


A fully qualified Medic is an indispensable asset to any team operating in an austere and remote environment.

ESS&SA’s team element consist of at least one qualified medical trained operator to internationally first aid standards.

Medical care should be present when team training and zeroing of firearms is being conducted. All ESS&SA personnel have Maritime Elementary First Aid Training and could be called upon to assist or stabilize a team member who was injured or shot. There are clear lines of communication between the TL and medical assistance during operations. The following will address the basic function of the Medic i.e. proper tactics during maritime operations on a client vessel.

The ESS&S Security Team is aware of the fact that it is always better to act than to do nothing during a combat casualty situation

Roles and responsibilities:
Assist the Team Leader (TL) in the evaluation of the risk assessment
Observation of the crew
Advise and assist the crew in the implementation of the hardening according to BMP
Maintain internal/external checks of the hardening
Assist the TL in determining a suitable location for the Citadel
Regular checks of the Citadel and reporting to the TL
Regular checks of the communication equipment to be used during watch on the bridge
Assist the TL and 2IC in observation of the crew during the Citadel drill
Assist the TL with the firearms and equipment check/maintenance and report to the TL in case of deviations
Execution of test firing/zeroing and- or assisting with medical care
Provide information during watch duties and advise the officers and crew with regard to safety and observation
Observe ship safety routine, health and safety notices
Provide written statements to the company and TL during an incident
Comply with ISPS codes requirements in Port/OPL, when required
Assist the TL in identifying suitable firing and tactical positions and the proper hardening of these positions
Availability of attendance for the drills and exercises on board the vessels
Liaise with ships medic and participate in first aid exercises
Management of Trauma medical bag and request of resupply
Liaison with ships team medic on normal medic situations and division of roles in an emergency situation
Conduct training with the security team as refresher and familiarisation in conjunction with ships medic
Ensure all medical documentation are completed and the ships log is filled in
Contact the companies Medical Emergency Assistance as per contract
Assist in maintaining the integrity of crime scene when attending to an injured person


Thorough understanding of the current maritime piracy situation
Thorough understanding of the BMP and implementation thereof
Fair aptitude of analytical skills
Thorough knowledge, written and spoken, of the English language
General understanding of ship types
Ability to give clear and concise feedback to the TL
Basic knowledge of the maritime industry guidelines/conventions (e.g. STCW95, ISPS)
Advance level of knowledge, skills and handling of various semi-automatic rifles / carbines
Understanding the usage of two way communication systems (VHF/UHF)
Attention to detail and ability to respond accordingly
Ability to follow instructions and directions possessed in the chain of command
Basic knowledge of risk identification and responsibility to respond and react accordingly
Fair understanding of ballistic capabilities
High degree of professionalism and discipline
Good level of personal physical fitness
Understanding of the Master’s authority
Integrity and teamwork
High level of initiative and motivation
Problem solving skills suitable for complex environment
Capacity to cope with unexpected development and disruptions
Thorough understanding of international legal principles of the laws of self defence
Problem solving skills suitable for a complex and fast-moving professional environment;
Ability to work under pressure for extended periods in a consistently composed and professional manner;
Good organisation and time management skills, process-driven and eye for detail;
Proactive, solution-based approach to taking on tasks outside your core competence;
Enthusiastic and positive attitude under pressure
Ability to initiate emergency medical procedures
Understanding casualty management


Authority to react according to own judgement when perceiving an imminent threat
Authority to refuse unethical and illegal instructions
Authority to refuse furtherance of operations upon perceiving unsafe conditions
Authority to assist injured person during a tactical situation if deeming the coalition of the injured person as life threatening without jeopardising the fight
Authority to mobilise/contact Medical Emergency Assistance as per contract

Minimum of 4 years of military/law enforcement and/or commercial security experience
MSO course (ESS&SA internal, 8269 level 3 or equivalent)
Firearms competency certificate for self-loading rifles/ carbines
Internationally accredited first aid certificate, FPOSi, FAAW, TCCC
(preferred MIRA,REMA, BLS, ALS, ICS, offshore medic)

Seafarers Medical/ ENG1
Seaman book
Vaccination card (Yellow fever)
Police clearance/Criminal record check
Psychological evaluation (Positive)
Drugs & Alcohol tested (Negative)

How To Apply:

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