19 June 2016

Health Adviser

Recruiter: Fircroft
Location: Yuzhno - Sakhalinsk, Russian Federation

Skills: Legal, Paramedic / Nurse, Ships Mate / Officer
Experience: 1 + Years

The Company:

Big oil company looking for Health Adviser

The Role:
Medical portion:
* Assist OH Manager and MOH team in the provision of clinical occupational health and industrial hygiene services;
* Work as a team member with the in-country occupational health staff;
* Assist the OH Manager with Occupational Health regulatory affairs support for issues management and advocacy strategies;
* Provide guidance and feedback on occupational health common systems and improvement opportunities to the OH Manager;
* Assist management and other functional organizations (SSH&E, HR, PA, Law, etc.) in matters affecting employee health, fitness for work, policy implementation, program development, and other areas where health professional input adds value;
* Assist in interfacing with local medical communities Provide training and oversight for clinical staff regarding injury and illness management, reporting and recordkeeping requirements;
* Assist SSH&E department with incident investigation and case reviews;
* Build constructive relationships with local medical providers to ensure ill or injured workers receive prompt, adequate and appropriate medical services;
* Other duties as required and determined by Department in accordance with applicable rules and regulations;
* To perform assignments in a safe and diligent manner, follow labor safety rules, timely inform supervisor about any incidents, injuries, near misses and potential hazards at his/her working place or at others' working places if witnessed.

Sanitary- hygienic part
* Co-Ordinate and assist with the implementation of health requirements covering food, potable water, hygiene (industrial and personal), sanitation, infectious disease control, medical and emergency response requirements.
* Develop standards, procedures, guidelines and training to support contractors in line with the health requirements
* Ensure all risks and hazards are identified, mitigated and managed; develop inspection schedule of contractor activities to ensure health policies compliance and corrective actions are implemented.
* Monitor and facilitate execution of contractor's health policy, rules, and procedures; and monitor conformance with site health and safety execution plans and implement improvements where appropriate.
* Advise site management and other teams (company, contractor, and subcontractors) of company, contractor, and local authorities' public health and safety requirements, regulations, expectations, and best practices.
* Collect, analyze data, report on, and provide recommendations on health initiatives as per the health requirements and subsequent contractor performance and compliance.
* Promote health awareness and health performance in line with Client health requirements, among Client team members, including consultants, Company and contractor personnel.
* Conduct regular health inspections/assessments on-site and at key off-site subcontractor locations utilizing the Health Inspection Guideline checklist.
* Provide monthly health inspections KPI metrics for Client OIMS Health System.
* Identify and work to eliminate health risks, unsafe conditions, or unsafe practices; work with company, contractor, and subcontractor management toward achieving a healthy and functional work place.
* Ensure site management are apprised of significant health risks and plans/progress towards resolving issues and eliminating hazards.
* Review contractor Site Specific Health Plans for alignment with minimum health requirements for Company execution.
* Provide support in design reviews for Life Camps (kitchens, clinics, accommodations).
* Communicate health initiatives, achievements, experiences, and issues from other sites with site team members and contractor/subcontractor safety and health advisors/management.
* Participate in investigation and follow-up of illness outbreaks/disease/incidents/accidents; prepare notifications/reports for communication of significant incidents to company /functional management per Client incident reporting procedures and matrix.
* Coach and advise contractor/subcontractor health professionals in incident investigation, documentation, reporting, and follow-up, including root cause analysis and case management.
* Provide health training as required to work teams and contractors on health related work programs.
* Coordinate with Client production and project safety supervisors, and MOH medical coordinator in regard to oversight roles and responsibilities of compliance with health requirements under Russian occupational safety legislation.

Essential Skills / Qualifications:
* Higher Education - Doctor of Medicine Degree
* Minimum 3-5 years in field health related advisory or regulatory positions, incorporating health related policy, procedures and standards development, system implementation and training.
* Knowledge of vector and tropical disease control and prevention, potable water, hygiene and sanitation systems and subsequent management requirements would be an advantage but not essential.
* Training delivery skills.
* Workplace health and safety experience in a construction/production environment (urban and remote / forest).
* Demonstrated ability to research, accurately analyze data and produce reports /recommendations for client, contractor and company review including health, safety, financial and (personnel) risks.
* Experience working within culturally diverse and sensitive environments.
* Familiarity with local occupational health regulatory requirements;
* Strong analytical and computer skills

Desirable Skills / Qualifications:
* Valid medical certificate to legally practice medicine in Russian Federation
* Russian and English language skills with minimum English language fluency of TOEIC 4
* Current certification in ACLS/ITLS (or equivalents)
* Trained for minimum IIHL requirements; experience in managing serious illness and injury according to EM Corporate IIHL guideline;
* Valid training for A&D collection and experience managing non-negative results would be an advantage but not essential;
* Medical Review Officer experience would be an advantage but not essential.

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