12 June 2016

First Aid Nurse , Middle East

Employer: Abu Dhabi National Hotels Compass ME LLC
Location: United Arab Emirates

Major responsibilities :

• Render competent, first aid services to the client.
• Assess patients coming to the first aid station with health complaints, and perform independent nursing interventions, including taking and recording of vital signs.
• Perform dependent nursing interventions based on a doctor's written instruction, except injecting medications, extracting blood, or inserting an intravenous access, or doing Incision & Drainage.
• Refer patients to a hospital or clinic when necessary, and immediately inform the Management.
• Responsible for coordinating proper medical care and/ or evacuation for injured or sick employees requiring higher levels of (or hospital-based) clinical intervention. The nurse shall ensure employees' adherence to follow-up treatments, full compliance to medications and adequate rehabilitative actions.
• Monitor and inform the Management on developments about the patients' conditions while in the hospital or clinic, untilthe patient is back on site and back to pre-injury or pre-illness state.
• Maintain accurate records and reports of all patients and the treatment given to each one.
• Ensure prompt medical attention for emergency cases.
• Administer CPR and use an automated external defibrillator (AED), when necessary.
• Call emergency services when warranted.
• Educate patients on a health condition thru one-on-one health teaching or group briefings.

The registered nurse may give over-the-counter medications, limited to one dose only. The patient should then be referred to a doctor for further management .
The nurse cannot administer medications by intravenous, intramuscular, subcutaneous or intradermal routes; for this reason, referral to a doctor should be made.
Interview patients displaying symptoms of food poisoning, and immediately refer them to a doctor for testing. Laboratory results should be obtained without delay and kept on file.
The nurse may use over-the-counter testing kits (e.g. malaria rapid test, glucometer) for initial testing of a suspected illness or condition, but should send the patient to a doctor for confirmation.
Maintain an inventory of clinic supplies and equipment every month, and send a report to Management on nearly expiring supplies for disposal,and equipment that need repair/maintenance.
Ensure Basic Life Support certification and nursing license, if any, are current.
Follow the client's policies and regulations.
Directly reports into the ADNHC unit manager.
Liaises with the ADNHC HSE Officer on-site, and ADNHC Occupational Health Service.
Liaises with external bodies (e.g. government, medical providers), upon instruction of the unit manager or ADNHC.
Attend meetings and training courses as may be required.
Conduct First Aid awareness briefings as may be requested by the client.
Inform and update the Unit Manager on any proximate health issue or impending occupational health & safety issues.