21 June 2016

Female Hotel Nurse

Recruiter: Fraser Suites Doha West Bay
Location: Doha, Qatar

Closes05 July 2016
Ref: FSWB.HR.HN.2016

This position is concerned with ensuring that all employees are given the proper medical treatment according to the hotel policy as well as dealing with the assigned government medical center and the government authorities in order to maintain all required medical documents and refer sick cases to the hospital should they occur.

Essential Functions:  
Listens, evaluates, attends to guests and team members who report to the clinic for medical issues.
Speaks with a clear voice to meet their needs.
Answers questions, provides forms or direction and reports all complex situations promptly to the Human Resources Manager. Assists incoming employees, managers or candidates and provides accurate information.
Greets internal and external customers in a friendly and professional manner and handles requests in an efficient manner .
Monitors and follows up on medical condition, check-ups and appointments and condition of the team members. Arrange appointments with government hospitals for medicals of team members.
Assists in planning and execution of various HR programs and initiatives. Coordinate clinic activities, create materials and presentations, research key topics, and provide ongoing support and follow up in project timelines.
Communicate challenges in the clinic or any issues relating to medical to the Human Resources Manager
Uses the property’s email system and maintains their email box, as is policy. Additionally, this position may or may nor have access and/or control over the email box of their manager/supervisor.

In addition to performance of the essential functions, this position may be required to perform a combination of the following supportive functions, with the percentage of time performing each function to be solely determined by the supervisor based upon the particular requirements of the company.
Receive all sick/injured team members and guests in the hotel clinic and treat them medically when possible
Assist hotel visiting doctor in the specified visiting hours
Follow up with each department in refilling of the first aid boxes as necessary
Monitor/follow up health certificates for the F&B handlers and for other team members for new/renewal of residence visas
Maintain and keep updated record for the hotel clinic medicines whenever required
Maintain the employee’s medical files and update them with the necessity of reporting any chronic cases to the knowledge of the management and the hotel doctor
Ensures that insurance application forms of new team members are submitted within 2 days from time of joining
Facilitate timely submission of medical expense/re-Imbursements with the insurance company and follow up the same
Provides assistance to the government relations manager in terms of QID card application for team members – documentation, scheduling/setting of appointments etc.
Assist in carrying out health, safety and hygiene policy
Carry out the fire, safety and evacuation procedures as required by the hotel fire policy
Carry out any other reasonable duties as requested by the supervisor or director
Access to the kitchens, F&B and stewarding are limited as far as possible to kitchen, F&B and stewarding team members to perform the hygiene checklist
Take part in the communication meetings on a regular basis
Approach supervisors in confidence if any problems arise
Always cooperate with colleagues and supervisors in the department
Is obliged to take part in internal training courses and to implement what has been learnt in daily practice
Participation in meetings and training courses
Be able to give correct information to fellow team members and/or to guest regarding the health & safety issues
Maintain tidiness in the building and clothing in the department
Undertake regular inspections in the reception and hall area to ensure that the installations and equipment are in clean, perfect condition, well maintained and replaced / renewed as required
Is aware of the joint responsibility for the safety in our hotel and abides strictly by all the safety instructions, especially when operating the machines and equipment
Behave at all times in such a way as to avoid accidents
Is able to raise the internal alarm correctly
Know what to do in case of an evacuation/fire alarm or other emergencies (i.e. bomb threats)
Ensure that all front doors and stores belonging to the department, as well as the key cabinet for the whole department are kept locked at all times

Assimilate into the Frasers Hospitality culture through understanding, supporting and participating in all Elements of the Frasers Core Values.
Demonstrate working knowledge of the service standards.
Regular attendance in conformance with the standards, which may be established by Frasers Hospitality from time to time, is essential to the successful performance of this position.
Establish effective communication practices and channels.
Identify training and development needs for the Stewarding team to add value to the business and to develop team member potential
Reach out and work closely with the spa members and enhance the overall membership component

The individual must possess the following knowledge, skills and abilities and be able to explain and demonstrate that he or she can perform the essential functions of the job:

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Ability to effectively deal with a variety of audience, some of whom will require high levels of patience, tact and diplomacy.

Strong computer literacy including knowledge of Windows XP and Microsoft Office Suite of products including Word

1 – Possess little knowledge of principles and processes
2 – Sound knowledge and understand principles, processes and procedures
3 – Able to apply competency on the job with little guidance
4 – Able to apply competency on job and coach others
5 – Able to modify concepts and or ideas to suite special or local context



Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Certified nurse with the approved license.


All employees must maintain a neat, clean and well-groomed appearance. Specific uniform guidelines

and or required articles of clothing will be explained to you as a part of orientation process.


The hospitality business functions seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. In addition, this is a hospitality business and a hospitable service atmosphere must be projected at all times.

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