17 June 2016

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) , Middle East

Employer: Fuschia
Location:  U.A.E

Key Responsibilities:

Responds to the medical emergency calls, drives to the scene and provides basic life support to the victims before they are transported to the hospital.
Evaluates the nature and extent of illness/injury to determine the right course of actions.
Provides medical aid such as AED, CPR, prevents spinal damage, ventilation, control severe bleeding; prevent shock, bandaging wounds, etc., to stabilize their condition.
Administration of activated charcoal, oral glucose and oxygen.
Constantly assesses the patient enroute to the emergency facility, administers additional care as indicated or directed by medical control.
Maintains vehicles and medical and communication equipment, and replenishes first-aid equipment and supplies.
Restocks all supplies in the ambulance and replace used blankets, linens and other supplies.

Cleans all equipment following appropriate disinfecting protocols.
Continuously reassures the patient enroute to the emergency facility.
Assists all EMT paramedics in efficient advance life support care system.

Qualification Required:
Degree/Diploma in Emergency Medical Services.
Current ACLS and PALS certification.
HAAD license holders are preferred.

Experience Required:
Minimum 2 years of relevant experience.
Strong English verbal and written communication skills.
Arabic speaker is preferred.