31 May 2015

Medical Trainer , Afghanistan

Employer: PULAU Corporation
Location: Dahlke, Kābul, Afghanistan
Tracking Code: 90-082
Job Description
The Company Medical Trainer shall implement and operate programs, practices, and procedures for developing optimal utilization of personnel. This is a salary, exempt position with a base salary and when in Afghanistan hazard and hardship differentials. This position requires successful completion of IRDO, Individual Replacement Deployment Operations.  The Medical Trainer must be willing to work and live in Afghanistan with an understanding that they could potentially be re-assigned to any location in Afghanistan based upon the needs of the U.S. Government.  All tours are unaccompanied.
Standard will be to conduct training six (6) days per week for up to twelve (12) hours per day while in Afghanistan.
Duties Include:
  • Design and administer programs to train all levels of personnel.
  • Develop tests and visual aids. Coordinate class arrangements, conduct training classes, and develop criteria for evaluating effectiveness of training activities.
  • Keep abreast of training and development research: learning theory, motivation theory, and new materials, methods, and techniques.
  • Develop programs and practices to identify developmental needs including preparing personnel for more responsible positions and increasing effectiveness in present assignments. If required, may use technical experts to assist in training.
  • Medical Trainer shall report to Team Lead as well as Program Manager located at Camp Morehead
  • Provide training to ANA Medics on Special Operations Medical Procedures , Combat Lifesaver Courses and sick call procedures
  • Trainers will be responsible for regularly interacting with US military personnel
  • Train the trainer than monitor trainer progress
  • Based on circumstances that are unique to their work locations, trainers will be responsible for making on the scene decisions as to how to execute the curriculum
  • Along with their local site managers, trainers will be responsible for assessing how well the ANA students have learned the coursework
  • Creating, maintaining and delivering to the ATP Program Manager all required reports
  • Provide to the ATP Program Manager required data/information for monthly performance review and training reports
  • Personnel shall comply with all theater command policies, regulations, and General Orders.
Based on qualifications, candidate may be identified as a Team Leader. 
  • Team Leads provide support, leadership and oversight for team personnel.
  • The Team Leader shall report to the ATP Program Manager and may participate in meetings and conferences as directed by the PM.
  • The Team Leader will monitor training and actively assists or provide direction as needed; will create, maintain and deliver to the ATP Program Manager required reports.
  • Team Leads will set performance standards for tasks, jobs and roles of team members and provide ongoing feedback about the team member's performance.
  • Assist the Program Manager in performance appraisals by providing information on how team members have performed.

Required Skills
  • Must be competent with using Microsoft Office.
  • Excellent Interpersonal and People Skills and Oral and Written Communication Skills.
  • Good Project Management Ability and Skills.
  • Must be willing to work and live in Afghanistan with an understanding that could potentially be re- assigned to any location in Afghanistan based upon the needs of the U.S. Government.
  • Must be willing to work in harsh or adverse environments.
  • Must be willing to deploy and live on forward operating bases operated by Afghan National Army under austere conditions without regular U.S. PX and Commissary facilities.
  • Must be willing and able to travel outside of protected areas via military convoys or MILAIR, and wear protective clothing and equipment as required. In the conduct of their training contractors may encounter hostile forces.
  • Have been an E7 or higher with 10 years experience, qualified as a SOCOM qualified, 18D or Physicians Assistant with operational USSOCOM BN/GRP-level experience
  • Shall provide training to ANA Medics on Special Operations Medical Procedures, to include: Tactical Combat Casualty Care; Sick Call/medical screening, evaluation, and treatment; and sustainment of trauma evaluation and resuscitative care.
Desired Skills:
  • Prefer previous experience training and advising foreign military soldiers.
  • Prior experience in Afghanistan is highly desirable
Required Experience
  • E7 or higher US military communications specialist with an MOS equal to U.S. Army 25/94 or 18E series with at least 10 years experience in planning, establishing and maintaining VHF and HF tactical and operational radio networks.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in a related field and four (4) years of related work experience.
    • Equivalent work experience may be considered in lieu of education requirement.
  • Have prior experience in frequency and maintenance management.
  • Prior experience in establishing the communications infrastructure supporting a battalion Tactical Operations Center (TOC) and supporting the communications requirements of a foot-mobile company level command and control node.
  • Ability to obtain and maintain a U.S. SECRET Security Clearance.
  • Valid U.S. Passport.

How To Apply: