18 April 2015


Employer: Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Services, Inc.
Location: Michigan , USA
Signing Bonus:$4,000 bonus
Job Code Number: 5756390
Job Description

This standard procedure establishes and describes the essential function, duties and responsibilities, job requirements, and performance criteria of a Paramedic at Superior Ambulance Service.

2.1 The basic function of the Paramedic is to provide medical care and transportation for a patient at the Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic (EMT-P) level, within their scope of practice, asstipulated by State of Michigan, Department of Community Health.
2.2 The job includes obtaining the appropriate patient care information, billing information, and completing any additional forms or duties as stipulated by the Company.
2.3 This individual must interface with other employees, professionals from our accounts, as well as patients and their families.
4.1 The Paramedic is responsible for the provision of safe and appropriate medical care within his/her scope of practice, and the current standard of care.
4.2 The Paramedic is accountable to the Medical Control Authority for the EMS system in which Superior Ambulance is operating.
4.3 He/she is accountable to the Station Manager. The paramedic is empowered to provide safe and appropriate care and comfort for the patient (our customers) within their scope of practice.
The primary duties and responsibilities of the Paramedic consist of, but are not limited to the following:
5.1 To provide appropriate patient care as stipulated in their training as a Paramedic.
5.2 To provide safe transportation, to include accurately discerning street names through map reading, the ability to correctly distinguish house numbers, and addresses of business locations, in the most expedient manner, are essential.
5.3 To appropriately assess a patient and accurately convey the condition to other medical professionals.
5.4 To provide an accurate written report describing a patient's condition, medical history, and the treatment provided.
5.5 To provide appropriate documentation for billing information.
5.6 To maintain the vehicle in sanitary condition, in addition to monitoring all fluid levels and gauges.

6.1 Educational Requirements:
Required: High school diploma or equivalency.
Michigan and/or Michigan Paramedic Licensure.
Must have successfully passed Company's written and practical exam, and successfully completed the interview process.
Preferred: ACLS Certification
PHTLS/ BTLS Certification
National Registry

6.2 Skills, Knowledge, Abilities 
Must demonstrate adequate levels of skill in all areas required of a Paramedic, including the ability to move patients up and down stairs, in and out of the ambulance.

Physical Demands: 
Good physical stamina, endurance, and body condition which would not be adversely affected by lifting, carrying, and balancing a combined weight of moving device and patients at times, in excess of 275 pounds (shared weight), to carry said weight up and down a minimum of six (6) stairs via stair chair and 275 pounds in and out of the ambulance.
Maximum occasional lift of 137.5# (6"-38" ht.)100# push/pull force for bed-to-cot transfers (42" ht.) Occasional climbing in and out of vehicle. Occasional stair climbing. Occasional crouching, stooping, bending. Must be able to adapt to changing environmental conditions.

Must be able to do routine arithmetic calculations required for blood pressure readings, calculating pulse and respiratory rates, etc., drug dosages, and/or fluid administration.
Must be able to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing to prepare patient care forms, read reports, and to interact with patients, and their families.
Working Conditions: Work will be in all types of environments.
Must have neat and clean uniforms. Must wear required uniform.
7.1 Knowledge and ability to teach other Paramedics their role and their job responsibilities.
7.2 Their ability to perform their essential skills as a Paramedic.
7.3 Their ability to provide the necessary and appropriate documentation of the patient care that is provided.
7.4 Proper documentation of the essential billing information.
7.5 Their ability to communicate and interface with other medical professionals, customers, and their families.
7.6 Their ability to work with co-workers.
7.7 Their ability to physically complete the necessary tasks essential to the job of a Paramedic.
7.8 Overall performance is satisfactory.

8.0 Summary 
The Paramedic has full responsibility and accountability for the prehospital care for the patient, including all necessary medical and billing documentation.

Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service, Inc. is committed to attracting and retaining the best talent. We are an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer. Qualified applicants of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. M/F/V/D

How to Apply

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